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Discover the story behind our award-winning extra virgin olive oil.

OPG Kristović

From Mechanical Engineering to Olive Farming: A Family's Passionate Journey

We are small family producers of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and will be your hosts during what we hope will be a unique and memorable local experience. Our love for olives and olive oil has been passed on in our family from generation to generation, but unfortunately various life circumstances didn’t always go hand in hand with the much needed commitment and dedication the grove demands.

In spite of that, the olive trees were always patient and waited for us… so, after much thought and almost 3 decades of work experience as a mechanical engineer, I decided to quit my job and devote myself completely to the olive grove and all the benefits that come along…


Award - winning

Recognitions for Our Exceptional Olive Oil

Such strenuous line of work taught me that you always need to strive to do better so recently I have become a certified Olive Oil Sommelier (Olive Oil Times, NY) simultaneously winning numerous awards with our extra virgin olive oil (quality gold medal winner 2022, 2023).

Tradition, art & science

We appreciate the hard work we put into caring for our trees and producing good EVOO, while also respecting the fact that olive oil production is a magnificent combination of tradition, art and science. That is why, under the guidance of the Olive Oil Sommelier, we organize and host olive oil tasting tour experience…


London 2024

Certificated Olive oil sommelier (Olive Oil Times Education Lab)

Žrnovnica Oil 2023

Gold medal (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

Žrnovnica Oil 2022

Gold medal (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

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