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Dubrovnik Old Town

A very special experience with locals, 10 minutes from Dubrovnik

Welcome to our olive grove where we invite you to a very special experience with locals. Located in untouched nature, just a 10 minute drive from the center of Dubrovnik, far from the city crowd, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy and relax in silence of nature, which is only interrupted by birds chirping.


Join a guided olive oil tasting tour in a beautiful family olive grove and immerse yourself in a sensory exploration of the typical Dubrovnik area flavours.

Tasting Olive Oil

Group or private tour

Indulge in a sensory journey of olive oil tasting.

Learn about the art of olive farming.

Experience the beauty of our olive grove.

Upon arrival you will be served a welcome drink along with some of our homemade local snacks. After the initial introduction, we will start the tour through the olive grove.

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Why is it important to taste olive oil?

Today, olive oils of different categories and qualities can be found on the market.

This is a fun, relaxing and informative extra virgin olive oil tasting tour that begins with a leisurely stroll through our family olive grove.

Tasting virgin olive oil

You will learn a little about the history of olive growing and its importance for the local population, and you will get to know all the details of the olive oil production process, starting with the cultivation of the trees and ending with the harvesting of the “liquid gold“.

Then it’s time to taste several types of our rewarded olive oils, giving you the opportunity to distinguish between a multitude of aromas, each of which has its own benefits from health and cosmetic to pure and simple gastronomic delicacy. All under the guidance of a Certified Olive Oil Sommelier.


Be a sommelier for a day!

An experience that gives you a whole new perspective on olive oil. Join us if you want to become an olive oil sommelier for a day and learn to appreciate, choose, enjoy and use EVOO in your daily life.

And finally, it’s time to treat your taste buds again… enjoy an authentic local experience followed by brunch with homemade bread, that tastes like no other, various local products paired with local wines…

An adventure awaits…

If you want to feel untouched nature, relax and enjoy a homemade brunch, with a local family, in the shade of centuries-old olive trees, taste our extra virgin olive oils and have a unique experience, do not hesitate to contact us.

Hope I have piqued your curiosity and hope to see and host you soon…

Somelier olive oil

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